Ever notice how you feel inexplicably happy when you see a really bright, cheerful color? Or how certain colors can instantly put you in a bad mood? It turns out, there’s actually science behind these emotional responses to color. So whether you’re looking to boost your mood or create a more relaxing atmosphere, read on to find out which colors can have the greatest impact on your psychological well-being.

The Effects of Color on Mood

Red is often associated with feelings of love, anger, and energy. Not surprisingly then, this vibrant hue has been shown to increase heart rate and raise blood pressure. While that might not sound like a good thing, studies have also shown that looking at red can increase feelings of excitement and improve task performance—so it’s good for short bursts of mental activity. For example, if you’re working on a project that requires intense concentration, try painting an accent wall or adding some red accents to your workspace; it could help you power through and get the job done more quickly.

On the other hand, blue is known for promoting calming and serene feelings. In fact, many people report feeling more productive in blue environments. If you’re looking to create a relaxed atmosphere in your home (maybe in your bedroom or bathroom), consider painting the walls blue or adding some blue decor; it could help you unwind after a long day and get a better night’s sleep.

And what about yellow? This sunny color is said to evoke feelings of happiness and optimism. Yellow has been shown to increase metabolism and stimulate brain activity—so it’s great for getting yourself out of a slump when you need an extra boost of energy. Plus, simply seeing yellow is said to improve self-esteem. So if you’re working on building up your confidence, try surrounding yourself with yellow; it might just help!

Whether you’re hoping to boost your energy levels or wind down after a long day, the color of your environment can have a big impact on your psychological well-being. So if you’re looking for a quick and easy way to improve your mood, consider adding some pops of color around your home—you might be surprised at how much difference it can make!